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Draft horse Martin pulls a wagon on a farm with his horse partner Molly.   Together they pull people, hay, Christmas trees and pumpkins.  This depends on the season and the circumstances.    Occasionally they deliver a bride to her wedding.

I met his person and she was exasperated.  She reported that Martin loves his work and he does it with great patience, but in his down time he’s just plain mean to the other animals on the farm.  He shoves, nips and otherwise behaves like a jerk who owns the joint.

Her boyfriend said, some horses are just like that, but I wasn’t buying it.  On the other hand I knew they weren’t the type to hire an animal communicator so I smiled and nodded and went about ignoring them.  I turned my attention to the horse, who’d wandered up to the fence.  We stared at each other.

Just like that, Martin threw me a picture and we were off.

He showed me a different horse.  One of those sleek dancey types, black and all tricked out for some event.  The horse pulled a slightly rotund, male character in a small, light buggy.  A chariot?  That’s what it was.  Martin was showing me a past life.

The horse had on some kind of headpiece with feathers and that thing that looks like a mask.  Lots of gleaming silver and fine leather; a fair amount of what you would call pomp.  There were people all around and the atmosphere like an arena.

Next I heard “pompous”.  I laughed.  Martin watched me intently.

The black horse was standing still but raring to go.  His person was working to keep him in place and there was a mounting energy as the other humans in the scene waited for .  .  .  what?    Something was about to happen.

It felt ceremonial.  Everything was official, grand, special.  All eyes were on the man and his horse.  They would soon be recognized for some deed or accomplishment, but for now we were to admire.

“Wow,” I said dutifully.  “Aren’t you something.”   On the other hand it wasn’t a stretch, was it–he was something.

Next Up:  Animal Communication and the Draft Horse, Part II






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