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I’m special, Martin muttered.

“Yeah, good,” I said.  “Anyway, do you like living here?”

Martin shifted on his feet.  He didn’t answer the question, rather he reluctantly began to show me some of the other characters that lived on the farm.  It was interesting because he wasn’t just showing them physically, but he would reveal little quirks of character as he went.  It was the kind of thing that said he was paying attention and maybe even appreciating them.

There was Molly, the other draft horse.  He showed me that she’s playful, even silly.

Gerald, the Rooster.  He could be bossy but really he was kind of a gentle character for a rooster.  I could see that surprised Martin.   Lud was their pot-bellied pig.   He doesn’t put up with me, Martin said.  No, ma’am.

There were others.

Then Jane and David, the farmers.  David could be gruff but then he’d make sure Martin and Molly got their favorite treats after working.  And he’d turn them out in the pasture so they could run and Molly, she liked to be groomed she’s kinda vain so David would groom her–here I interrupted his thread.

“How do you like being part of this farm family?”

I like it. You could feel it.   I know it’s not advised to pick up feelings but dang, there was this sudden spreading feeling in the chest that made me think, he really loves it here.   Then I asked him, “could you be in this situation because you wanted to see what family feels like?”

Martin looked away.

“Listen,” I said, “what would you think about clearing that past life energy and see how it feels to live without it?  It won’t go away,” I told him, “we’ll just move it.  You won’t forget, or lose what you learned when you were that black horse.  But you’ll feel lighter and you might have more fun!”

In the end, Martin agreed to try it and we did a quick clearing.  It was probably a year before I saw him again.

I asked Jane, how’s Martin?   She looked surprised.  Whaddya mean how’s Martin?  What about Martin? I reminded her of the shoving, the nipping, the entitlement.  She eyed me then tossed it over her shoulder:  “Hey Dave!  When was the last time Martin nipped someone?”   I could tell, she was trying to remember.   Dave wandered up.  He looked a little blank, then oh! His face cleared.

“Wow,” he said.  He scratched his head, like they do in the movies when they’re trying to figure stuff out.  “Uh, it’s been awhile.”   He turned and looked at Martin.  “Hey, buddy,” he said, ” .  .  .  what’s .  .  .  when did you .  .  .  hm.”

They were just twitterpated.

And I can’t let anything go, not ever, so I found myself wondering, when you clear a past life does it clear stuff for the humans, too? Because they almost couldn’t remember that he’d ever been difficult.  Couldn’t even remember.


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