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My friend’s a snob.  A dog trainer, he makes assumptions about personality based on breed.  It’s completely counter to how I work and it drives me nuts.

I once met a marvelous little dog,  a mini Doberman.  She exuded kindness and in fact she and her person worked  in a nursing home.  She was gentle, social and infinitely patient.  She offered her spirit like a gift to the residents.  I loved her immediately.

She’d come to the lobby to greet us and she was sitting quietly at my feet, allowing herself to be admired.  I absorbed the therapeutic benefits while she gazed into space, fully immersed in her work.

My friend watched us from a few steps away.  What that a look of disgust on his face?

He shifted his weight, impatient.  “Barky,” he muttered.  “High-strung.” The Doberman was tranquil; except for her droopy eyelids she hadn’t moved.  I was completely content, sleepy even.

“Ooooooh, little Doberman,” I crooned at the dog.  “Don’t pay any attention to the breed snob.”  I looked up at him and narrowed my eyes.  He snorted and walked away, shaking his head.  I looked at the dog.  We smiled at each other.

“He’s just an icky old breed snob,” I whispered.   We went back to our therapy.






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