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So what’s going on?

High-speed change.  The bullet train is coming, as described by the incomparable Elsa Panizzon.

I follow astrology.  Does anything else explain the craziness on our planet right now?   I haven’t found it.

It works for me because it has a unifying theory.  Astrologers generally agree on what individual planets and signs represent.  They agree about what you might expect based on the movement of the planets, their interaction with each other and their placement in your chart.  They agree what an upcoming transit might feel like to the collective.

It’s possible to study a forecast then corroborate it with actual events, after the fact.

Two years ago, astrology forecast for 2011 sudden events, big news around water, the breakdown of institutions, and a trend toward more authenticity in all our relationships.   A surge in anger and aggression, both personally and collectively.  Revolution.

There’s a stellium forming in Aries, which means a dogpile of 6 planets all in one sign.   The consensus is we’re facing change at warp speed.  Michael Lutin says, think about the amount of change between 1998 and the present.  Now pack that into the next 6 months.

We’re fully in transition now, I can feel it.  Can you?







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