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Here’s the short version:  animals are healers, and they connect with certain individuals in order to help those people grow.   That connection is called an Agreement.   As an animal communicator I present it to clients this way:  why have you and this pet come together in this lifetime?  What are you working on?

Wendy the 8-week-old kitten is weaned and ready for her forever home.   Anne is at a party three doors down, drinking a beer in someone’s yard and chatting with co-workers.   Here comes a kitten, trotting across the lawn.   The kitten makes straight for Anne.

“I was looking for her,” Wendy tells me. In the reading, I’m down at Wendy’s height, and I can see her walking in a straight line across some grass that seems very tall and very green.  Clearly she has a goal.

Well, it turns out she has escaped her home, and crossed two lawns to get to Anne.

“It was summertime and I was at a party,” Anne says.  “I looked up and there was this kitten.  I didn’t need a pet and besides I was moving, but she picked me and that was it,” she says.  It’s 7 years later and I see on her face, it was no coincidence that brought them together.  But she doesn’t understand what did.

She shows me a picture of herself looking surprised on a lawn chair, one of those old-fashioned ones with the webbing.  She’s holding Wendy next to her face.  Wendy is looking away with a look of satisfaction.  Mission accomplished. The photo is no longer fresh but still I see it’s a particular time of day when colors seem heightened, as if the grass and trees and flowers have collected some of the sun’s light.  It will be dusk soon but everything is very vivid, even the kitten’s blue eyes against Anne’s long red hair.

Almost 7 years later, when I give the reading I look at Wendy’s agreement with Anne.  A cord runs from Wendy’s third chakra to Anne’s third chakra.  It’s almost like Wendy is leading Anne forward on a leash.

“I’m teaching her she can have what she wants,” Wendy tells me.  “But she has to keep moving forward.  If she sits still she’ll be frustrated and stuck.”

Sure, you could say that about anyone, right?   But Anne looks startled; Wendy has struck a cord.

“You know,” she says, “I brought Wendy home, then I got rid of my deadbeat boyfriend and applied for a much more interesting job.”  She starts laughing.

“That summer, nothing was happening.   Even the party was boring.  We were talking about how stuck we all felt in our jobs and I was complaining because my boyfriend and I weren’t going anywhere.  Then here comes Wendy.”

Now Anne has a job she loves, a committed husband and a great, creative child.  And Wendy, to show her the way forward.

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