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People have Ideas about psychics and I’ll admit it, I’m one of them.  It might seem as if one is just a couple of filmy scarves and a comment about your aura away from a career but this much I do know:  If you insist on running off to be a clairvoyant there are some rules to follow.  And like anything else, you need to put in your time.  Maybe there are infants who pop out of the womb solidly grounded and knowing automatically what to do but for the rest of us there’s training.

I can’t recommend training enough.

1) Just Say No! to Empathy.  Empathy comes very easily to me so I have to consciously turn it off.

Feeling other people’s feelings is an express train to Crazy.   The lines blur until you don’t know where you leave off and the other person begins.  Worse yet, you’re feeling their emotions by taking them into your body.  If you aren’t properly trained, it stays there and accumulates.  Before long you’re sluggish and sick.

How many years of my life was I depressed/unhappy/(fill in the blank) but it wasn’t even me?

2) Don’t read someone unless you’re invited.

You start out and have some success, then, if you’re like me you start thinking you can heal the world.   You see everyone’s foibles and dysfunctions and you know how to fix them, don’t you?  They don’t even have to know!    Everyone needs psychic intervention!   If they knew, they’d all want it!

Well, no they don’t and no, they wouldn’t.

I didn’t learn that one until I befriended clairvoyants who like to tinker anonymously.  The day came when they wanted me to dabble with a person I didn’t know on behalf of a second stranger who wanted to buy a house in a town I’d never been so my clairvoyant friend could be happy. My internal red flag turned into a club and took a swing at my head and I knew I was out of bounds.

A trusted friend told me, unless your help is requested, the only person you have permission to influence is yourself.  When you tinker it creates karma that must be repaid.

I think of it as psychic breaking and entering.

3) You need to clear and ground yourself before you read so you can separate your target from everything else.   Other peoples’ energy is everywhere.  My cat likes to sit on my lap when I read, so I have to remove her energy from my reading space.  The private study rooms at the library are nice and quiet, but what about all the people in the main room, feeling their feelings?

We live on open space and I could read on the bench by the stream but there’s no way around it; it’s essential to set up your space to avoid taking in wandering energies–even if they’re your own.  I clear myself for a variety of things that vary from day to day.  My own sources of self-doubt, distraction and confusion, as well as energies spilling over from other sources.

4) Once the reading is finished, you have to remove the client from your field and pull your energies away from your client.

These rules are very simple but using them it takes years of practice to produce work that is founded on clarity, integrity and mastery.


2 Responses to “Animal Communication and Some Rules of Clairvoyance”

  1. Jason says:

    Totally agree with you Katie, you have to have some form of protection when getting into anything remotely resembling psychic work. I’m also a fan of grounding afterwards – do you do that?

  2. Katie says:

    Hi Jason, nice to hear from you. Grounding was the foundation of my training. I start every day with a grounding exercise. I use it before, during and after each reading. But your suggestion is a reminder to ground myself one last time before I stand up and go back to my day–thanks for that!
    I see you have a website and blog as well–bravo! Keep after it if you can find the time. There’s such a need and we’re entering a time when our work will become more mainstream. You’re on the leading edge!

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