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Several weeks ago I attended BlogPaws West, a conference for and about people who blog about pets.  I was only aware of one other animal communicator/blogger who was attending.  We did not meet.

During the conference I encountered a woman who wanted me to know that every animal communicator she ever talked to had gotten it wrong.  It caused me to look at my work from the outside, which was informative.  It also caused me to think about skepticism, which I’d given almost no thought to.

About 80% of the people I encounter are familiar with animal communication.  About 70% of those individuals ask questions or comment on their own or someone else’s experience.   Some hire me.  Once every couple of months I encounter someone who isn’t familiar with the concept and who may or not become uncomfortable.  Once or twice a year I get a snicker.   In these cases I change the subject, no problem.

Some animal communicators struggle with acceptance and skepticism.  I’ve never been challenged in a truly aggressive or unpleasant way but the woman at the conference caused me to think, well, why would you believe in this stuff?

Seriously, do you know how many times I had to do this before I thought, maybe I’m on to something?  Hundreds.  Easily.  I had to do it and do it and do it, exhaustively . I kept doing it because it seemed to be effective.  At the same time, I’ve communicated with animals for over a decade but it wasn’t until last year that I stopped wanting to roll my eyes at the end of every reading.

Even while clients were seeing regular changes.  Even when miracles were happening.

The reading that convinced me was on a dog who had some behavioral issues.  It was a standard reading with a lot of clearing, nothing special EXCEPT she showed me a past life of a kangaroo.  There was a lot of bouncing down a dirt road and just carrying on joyfully.  Usually the past lives feature something that ties them to the issues in the present, but not this time.  I started to panic a little.

“Why are you showing me this?” I wanted to know.

“Oh, it was just so much fun,” was her answer.

I sat there and sat there before I decided to include it in the reading.  The client loved it.  The dog looks so much like a kangaroo when she bounds through the grass that her person has considered shooting a video for “America’s Funniest Pets”.

That day I gave up and embraced my work.  But to those characters out there who don’t:  believe me, I get it.

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