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David needed an animal communicator so he hired me.   Then he had a chat with Claire, long-distance.

Claire thought, maybe Katie can help me with my horse.  She went to her computer to look at my site.

“I love your blog!” she told me.  “I thought I’d have you talk to my horse,” she said.  “But while I was on the computer my dog came up and she wouldn’t stop staring at me and I realized, she wants to talk to you.”

Then there was a trip to make and a horse show to prepare for and the chat was delayed.   Two weeks later she popped up on my email.

“She has something to say,” she said.  “Every once in awhile she stares at me hard, as if to say, “don’t forget!”

We sat down and had our chat, and she did indeed have something to say.

I’m the one who has to believe as many as six impossible things, all before breakfast.  Still, there she was on her computer and how did the dog know?

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