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Clients are asking how to do what I do.  Sometimes I say, you already know how.

We all do; I believe that what I call clairvoyance is just another sense, along with hearing, seeing, touch, smell and taste.  It’s not accepted as “normal” in this country, although I’m pretty sure that’s changing fast.

On the other hand, you do have to know where to start.  I have a few recommendations:

1)  Check to see if there’s a clairvoyant program in your area.  I studied at Psychic Horizons in Boulder, Colorado and I can’t recommend them enough. They were the ones who taught me to manage my own energy before I look at someone else’s.  If you’re not clear, you won’t give a clear reading.  For that matter, your motives for reading change when you manage yourself first.

I liked the community setting because the instructors saw where the students were and what they needed to grow.  I learned more about myself in my year at PH than I did in ten years on my own, by recognizing my doubts and demons and working with them instead of going into fear.  They taught me to embrace the learning curve.

In our culture we celebrate the expert and the very, very self-confident as if there’s an elite group of geniuses that just spring up out of the soil. Very few people talk about the learning curve but it seems to me it’s always lurking, whatever your skill. Knowing I don’t know everything helps me to slow down, be mindful, have humility. It motivates me.

2)  Look for animal communication or general clairvoyance classes in your area. Talk to the teacher or look at her website and trust your gut as to whether it’s a good fit. After all, you’re psychic, right?

3  Do some reading.  There are a ton of good books out there.  The one that most follows the protocols I learned in Boulder is Basic Psychic Development, by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher.  It’s easy to read and loaded with practical tools for everyday use.  I also like You Are Psychic, by Debra Lynne Katz.  Her way of “seeing” is a little different and reminds me that once you have the basics down you’re free to experience the unseen world in ways that work best for you.

There are a fast-growing number of other books that are more specific, books that talk about communicating with dogs and horses and so on.  We’ll look at some of those in a future post.


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