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I have a parakeet client I’m very fond of.  I think he’s a healer, in his own right.  Not just the “animals are healers” thing–he’s a healer’s healer and very efficient.

His person is a friend and she emails me with modest concerns:  does he want a companion (yes!)?  Do the poky-looking pinfeathers on his forehead mean anything (no!)?

He’s brisk, he’s cheerful, he’s proud.   He takes excellent care of his person and I’m beginning to wonder if he is more a teacher for me than a client.  He doesn’t follow the rules.  He shoves me out of the box.

When I read a new animal I introduce myself.  I get the pet’s permission to chat, then I guide him through the reading.  The pet considers each step and responds, but not Javier.  No–he jumps in straightaway and off we go.  Both times I read him he acknowledged me briefly then leapt into a past life with his current person.

In the first past life he showed me a parakeet on the western frontier, circa mid-1800’s.  In that reading Javier told me; not only did he want a companion, he wanted the same companion he’d enjoyed on the prairie in Nebraska.  Gray and blue, he reported.  A male.  I told his person and she had this to say:

“I didn’t know you could put two males together!”   (Cue to animal communicator staring at ceiling in middle of night, please oh please don’t let this be a mistake)

The human ran right out, and within days the two males were joyously, lovingly reunited, blissful together to this day.

In the second past life we landed in medieval Europe and this time Javier was a falcon.   I recognized his energy signature immediately:  brisk, efficient, cheerful.  He guided me straight to his person, the falconer.  He quickly showed me what her problem was and how to solve it.  We cleared some difficult energies from the the woman and taught her how to protect and maintain her own boundaries.

We left the falconer resolved and glowing.  It was my first time, going back in history to heal a stranger.  How will this affect the present?  I guess we’ll find out.

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