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I’ve been talking to pets for over a decade.   Because I work remotely, I’m still excited every time I “see” something that tells a client I really am talking to their pet.   Of course it is what they’re paying me for, but after all these years it still feels like magic.

John lived with an aged and ailing mutt, Suki.  Suki had slowed down considerably in her golden years;  her daily walk had slowed to a poky, contemplative wandering, filled with sniffing.

A few months earlier Suki showed me her sled dog past life.  She showed me how strong, fast and responsible she was; the lead dogs and the musher told her what to do and she did it with great pride.  She didn’t want to lead, she just wanted to run.  We finished the reading and went back to our lives.

A week ago John called to say Suki is close to making her transition.   He had some questions for me but suddenly he remembered something that had happened after our initial reading.

“It was incredible,” he told me.  “Suki and I were walking on the beach one day and she was her usual slow self, puttering along while I waited.  I don’t know why,” he said, “but it popped into my head so I just said, ‘MUSH!'”

He started laughing, then he said, “Suki took off.”   She didn’t hesitate and she didn’t look around, she just went.  “I couldn’t keep up!”  John said.   She ran for some distance in the sand and eventually she slowed herself down, but it was completely out of the ordinary for an elderly and weak dog.  John had forgotten to tell me.

It put me in mind of a reading by a peer, someone I’d gone to school with.  Mary was reading a dog in the client’s home, and they’d  come to the past life portion of the reading.  There she saw an elephant.  In that moment the dog jumped up, excited, and ran out of the room.  He returned to the room carrying a stuffed elephant, and the dog stood looking at the humans, smiling and wagging and showing off that toy.

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