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Occasionally I’ll be consulting with an animal communication client and my inner voice will blurt out:  “past life”.  Or “agreement”.  Or I might see an animal that’s different than the one I’m about to work with.  He’s a beagle but for a split second I see a panther in front of me, or a llama or a great dane.

It seems to be a snippet of what I’m going to see later when I do the pet reading.

At some point somebody told me:  don’t get attached to those snippets.  You never know what you’re actually tapping into.  To be accurate I thought I had to be in a meditative state and say the animal’s name three times first.  I still do those things every time but I’ve developed a theory about the snippets.

I’m pretty sure a little taste of the future reading is coming back in time to tap me on the shoulder.  Maybe the pet sends it to me as a heads-up.  Maybe I’m prescient.  Maybe there’s a part of the spirit that can reach out and grasp a little of what the future holds.

When the snippets come it’s usually true that the animal will improve after the reading is done.  So they herald good news and I’m always delighted to see them.

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