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Years ago an astrologer told me I need to develop intuition in this lifetime.   It’s a major theme in my chart; not only that, it has to do with my North Node.  That’s where you discover what you should be working on in this lifetime, in order to keep evolving spiritually.

All that psychic stuff I was into?  Go for it, she said.

Astrology usually looks at planets, but this Node thing seemed bigger than that.  To me it feels like the difference between having a map, or blindly hoping you’re on track.

I set my face in a studious expression but inside, I was feeling pretty perky.  Intuition!  Yippee!!  I was already obsessed with that.  It was my passion and here she was, telling me I was home free!

I leaned toward the astrologer.  This Node stuff was serious, and I wanted to hear why I was such a genius that I figured it out so quick.

She eyeballed me.  She liked to stare and it was very effective.  A moment passed.  I shifted uncomfortably.

Then she said, “The hard part is taking your place at the table.”


Wait–what?   I stared back.  There’s a table?!!  What do you mean, hard?   You just told me I’m on my way!!   Stop that!

What I didn’t know at the time was this:  I would spend the next several years trying to avoid the table.  I was clinging to a lifelong desire to move through the world completely unnoticed by, well, let’s see: oh!  Everyone.  This desire did not include saying or doing anything unusual, controversial or weird.

I wanted to communicate with animals, but I didn’t want to say it out loud.

Years passed.  The pages flew off the calendar.  My husband rolled his eyes and said, why aren’t you serious about this?   It was a glacial pace, but I was inching toward the table.  Around it I could see vague, shadowy figures but in the foreground was a single, empty chair and it was mine.

Then one day I opened my mouth confidently and heard myself say:  “People pay me to talk to their pets.”   Those People!  They make crazy decisions, there’s no stopping them.

I looked around.   Was I sitting down?  In a chair?   Okay, maybe it was only half my butt and don’t get me wrong, I could stand up any time.  But by God, I was sitting.

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