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I said I’d review some books about animal communication/psychic development and discuss them on my site.  So yesterday I trotted off to the library and began to read.

Okay, here’s where you’re going to see my prejudices come out.  No sooner had I opened the book and there it was:  “the Animal Communicator New Age Love” phenomenon that makes me squirm. It’s not in every book but I’ve been around the block a few times and there’s nothing unusual about this presentation.

It’s a whole genre that features talented people who understand energy and can apply it expertly in practical ways, but for some reason it takes the form of a Animals as Innocent Angel Babies Who Heal Us with their Unconditional Etc. that reads like a pound of sugar with a side of tragic. I don’t have any patience for this because it makes pets out to be helpless as a group.

I’ve seen enough turds on the carpet, OCD behavior and exasperated clients to tell you, there’s more method and less innocence than you might think.  Like us, our pets are spirits in bodies and they vary wildly, one to the other.  They’re capable of coming up with solutions to problems and they can be very, very creative. Helpless they are not.

Well, back to our story.  The first page, a chorus of angels warbled away while sunbeams erupted. Everywhere I looked I saw innocent animals in various states of disrepair and emotional breakdown.  The neophyte psychic kept doubling over as he or she absorbed the emotional agony of the hapless pet.  But then (s)he righted her/himself, triumphant while still managing to be very, very sad!  (S)he’d discovered his/her Purpose and so held the sword aloft and declared undying devotion to the cause!  Was that a Native American flute I heard? I wanted to lie down and we weren’t past the Forward.

But skimming through the book there were so many jewels, so much value; clearly this person knew what (s)he was doing and I felt reprimanded.

It reminds me forcibly that we’re coming at this work from different angles. All animal communicators are pet lovers and as a group we get the importance of having animals in our lives beyond just the companion part.  Each of us knows how to access a pet’s thoughts and I had best be patient because some of these characters apparently are pretty famous. *burst of trumpets* At least that’s what it says on their websites.

It’s just that  .  .  .  hm.  At one time communicating with animals was almost unheard of and then, subject to ridicule.  This is no longer the case.  But then, as now, there’s always been a “seriousness” factor: is animal communication real? If it is, won’t it work in adjunct with veterinary science, pet training and pet pharmaceuticals? Or is it just a sweet little hobby?  There are people trying to substantiate it with some success so can we show some respect?

Now, I’m sure I’m projecting my own fear of being dismissed as inconsequential. But in my opinion, some of the least understood and hardest working companion animals in the business are actively helping their people by pulling stunts like this.

So can we stop with the sunsets and shooting stars and all the helplessness?  Can we get down to: can an animal communicator figure out why your cat keeps marking your damn purse?  ‘Cause that girl has an agenda and she’s trying to get your attention. That’s not helpless; it’s pretty effective.  Don’t you think?





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