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Pets come into our lives to heal us.  If you don’t believe that, you’re not watching enough cable TV.  Listen, that basset hound wouldn’t have shown up on your radar if she didn’t have something to show you.   Just like your husband, your best friend or that jerk who works in the next cubicle.  Don’t pretend you don’t know which one.

On that note, I’m going to talk about some spiritual stuff that’s relevant to the coming summer.  It’s changing the nature of the work our pets are doing.  I’ve talked about this before.

I like to think our lives are unfolding as follows:  Before 2010 and After 2010.  It’s a little looser than that, but you get the idea.  2010 was the year the barista burst into tears at Starbucks and said, “Everyone I know has something going on.”  She had three major things going on herself; I wanted to cry right along with her.

I told her there’s a reason for all the chaos and off we went.

What did I tell her?  I framed it with astrology.  The people who study astrology are the only ones I’ve come across who seem to have an explanation for the Crazy that’s all around us.  As a group they are very consistent.

I told her there are an unusual number of tense, or challenging, astrological aspects happening over a short period of time.  Perhaps to the degree that we haven’t seen in thousands of years.  One after another–it’s like getting sucker punched over and over and over. People with planets in the first degrees of the Cardinal signs are most affected.  But everyone else knows someone who’s struggling so in a sense we are all affected.

We’re so far away from what we’re supposed to be as humans; the planets are bearing down and breaking down what isn’t working anymore and people are scared.   That much I can corroborate because if I don’t manage my own energy, I fall into the collective undercurrent every day.

How do our pets fit into this scene?  My clientele has changed dramatically.  Most of the calls I get have to do with behavior and more than half the time, it’s the human who needs the healing, not the pet.  To me this suggests that pets are trying to help their people wake up to the truth of this time:  we’re all being asked to be the highest and most authentic versions of our selves that we can be–but unlike other periods in history, it’s no longer optional.

But what exactly are the planets asking of us?

Next Up: Animal Communication and a Pet\’s Work, Part II




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