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Let’s take a look at the big headliner for the past several years, an energy that will continue to assert itself for years to come:  the Cardinal Grand Square, or Cardinal Climax.

This grand square features 4 planets in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), challenging each other and asking us to transform the parts of our lives that aren’t working.  If you have sensitive points in your own birth chart, you’re feeling this more than other people.   But affected or not, we’re all witnessing other people’s struggles.

From the lovely and talented astrology.about.comWhat’s happening is that major planets that strip us down to the essence (Pluto) and jerk us forward (Uranus) have moved into cardinal signs.  Some things we thought were solid — jobs, relationships — are breaking apart. This is really, really hard and upsetting for many. It brings out all our fears of survival, and anxiety about how we’ll live.

Molly goes on to say:  The bottom line is that cardinal signs are the starting point — that’s why there’s no precedent — we are in totally new territory. With cardinal energy, there is significant forward movement, major life changes, endings and beginnings. Do you feel this in your own life? Almost like dying and being born again?

And finally, she talks about the way out.  This is not a story of doom and gloom, but one of head-spinning change. Uranus and Jupiter are in Aries, the sign that gives us the rush of Spring and new life. As the old cracks off, what rough n’ ready You is there, alert to the moment? The antidote to hopelessness and despair, is to keep your eyes on the prize! The prize is the new you that’s emerging, one that’s freer and with greater will to act on your drives, passions, gifts, talents and loves.

You make the most of this by acting, rather than reacting. To spend time generating your intentions, from an inner call you’ve been hearing your whole life. A key is letting go of who you think you are, and what’s possible, and staying open.

This is where the pets come in.  Again and again I see them trying to get their humans to wake up and change.  A dog mirroring his person’s depression, the parakeet who showed me his person’s past life that needed clearing so she would be more confident, the pets who want their people to experience the need for self-respect and so on.

Next Up:  Part V, Uranus and Pluto!

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