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Over and over I hear from clients whose pets are showing inappropriate behavior.  Each situation is different but a common theme has emerged–boundaries!–and this time we have a new planet to thank:

Saturn in Libra, wheeeee!

How much fun has this transit been?  It started on October 30, 2009 and continues until October 2012.  From cafeastrology.comSaturn transits and cycles can be considered cycles of achievement and maturity.

In this position Saturn wants us all in relationships that are fair, equal and harmonious. Relationships to friends, family, mates, jobs, physical location, our selves and so on.  The list seems almost endless; our lives are really a series of things that relate to each other.

Because the transit lasts three years, this has become a collective theme.  Again, it’s worse for those with sensitive points on their own chart, but everyone’s getting a taste of Saturn in Libra.

The way it works is, if your boundaries are poor you get a nice big bite of this energy right off the top.  Then you go through three years of chewing on a bunch of crappy experiences that remind you, over and over, that your way of relating in the world isn’t working anymore.  You’ve been having those experiences, but

now they’re becoming intolerable.

The increasing pressure either helps us or forces us to mature.

Examples of unfair, unequal and discordant energies?  Putting the self last.  Putting the self first.  Self-hatred, martyrdom, control issues, co-dependency.  Self-abuse of all kinds, criticism and judgement.  Self-absorption, passive-aggression, putting up to avoid conflict. Clinging.  Looking outside the self for a source of happiness.  Making other people wrong so you can feel right.  Bullying.  Projecting your problems on others.

More from cafeastrology:

Saturn will be looking for balance, integrity, and fairness in the sign of Libra. We will be redesigning our definition of “self” that includes an “other”. Our ability to commit comes into question. Our ability to play by the rules in partnership also becomes critical. This is a time during which we explore our personal boundaries in partnership. Just how much a partnership limits us becomes glaringly apparent, especially in terms of our own fear of losing someone, or fear of rejection, and how that fear might limit our personal freedom.

If we’ve been giving more than taking, or taking more than giving, in an existing partnership, Saturn’s transit through Libra will point out the flaws in that type of arrangement. It’s all about responsibility and doing our share. If we’ve been unhappy with a partner’s contribution to the relationship, Saturn’s transit might magnify that problem in our minds.

Everyone knows someone who’s struggling with issues of fairness and equality somewhere in their lives. By the time the transit ends in October of this year many people will have left unbalanced relationships of all kinds.

Whether it’s their decision, or not.  Again, it’s not optional.

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