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The planets are asking us to be the best and highest versions of our selves that we can be.  I’m noticing our pets are stepping up their work to help us change.  How are they doing this?

They’re showing us where our boundaries ought to be, by behaving in ways that are unacceptable.  Let us enjoy some random peeing, pooping, spraying and chewing while we discuss Sophie, a completely charming and lovable little dog who uses the entire house as a toilet while the client trots around behind her, cleaning up.

Sophie’s person cooks, cleans, shops, is the primary bread winner and she babysits her live-in son’s child while he’s out looking for women.  She begged me to fix the dog but I told her, this is about your whole life–everyone treats you like crap, even the dog!    

Pets are mirroring our emotional state by developing illnesses that point to a particular emotion.  I had a client lose two pets in a row to liver cancer.  I asked her if someone in the family had a problem with anger (yes).  Anger is linked to the liver in Chinese medicine.   Or the client who had a broken heart–her cat died of a heart attack.

Then there was the client who couldn’t relax and let his horse be a horse.  He was obsessed with the idea that something was Wrong and so the horse complied.  I had to tell him the horse was completely fine and in fact, remarkably well-adjusted.

Does this mean we make our pets sick?  No.  It’s way more complicated than that.  Put away the worry beads.  I’ll write about this another time.

Some are mentoring us by being notably higher, more courageous, graceful and balanced than we are.

One funny dog was helping her too-serious person to lighten up.

These are some common ways pets are showing us where we need to change.  But how do the planets fit into this?

This space is too limited to provide a full discussion of what the planets are up to but the themes can be summed up neatly.  I will say up front, I am not an astrologer but a longtime follower of this tradition and I will give credit where credit is due.

Let’s start this party with Pluto!

Once considered a full-grown planet, Pluto’s demotion to dwarf status doesn’t seem to have slowed it down.   From Neptune Trine Moon:

Pluto has been in Capricorn for almost four years now. If you follow astrology, you hear about it all the time.         Structures being transformed, Governments, Business and Financial Markets, the World. That is a big part of the picture, but what about you the individual, your world?  Pluto is breaking down a lot of things and you have likely been affected.

They say that Pluto strips away the things in life that are unnecessary, the weak structures in your life.

From About.com:

Pluto’s trials serve to shatter structures that have become prisons to growth, even though we cling to the familiar as it crumbles.

Essentially, Pluto wants us to be authentic or “real”, with firm foundations under every area of our lives.  Again, it’s not optional; change is coming whether we like it or not.  Many people are losing jobs, homes, relationships, wealth and so on, as Pluto seeks to correct what’s rickety in our lives.

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