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Every pet has an agreement with someone in their lives.  Animals are healers; they come here so we–and they–can grow and evolve.  Generally they’re aware of it and some take their jobs very seriously.

When I read agreements I’m looking for a cord running from the pet to the person.   The location of the cord tells me the general subject of the agreement.  The pet and the person together, show me the details.

Pets and people have 7 main energy centers, or chakras, in their energy field.   Each of these chakras refer to specific aspects of life and correspond roughly like this:

1st chakra has to do with issues of basic survival and your tribe:  food, money, shelter, family, friends, neighbors, workplace.

2nd chakra is about emotions, sexuality and reproduction.

3rd chakra relates to power and manifestation in the world.

4th chakra is about affinity for self, and others.

5th chakra covers communication.

6th chakra has to do with information coming from spirit, the quality of our connection with something greater than ourselves.

7th chakra relates to how we show ourselves to the world.

If I see a cord running from the pet to the person at the level of the 4th chakra, I will see that they are working together on issues of love:  giving it, receiving it, or feeling love for the self.

Some examples?

I might see a very aloof cat, indifferent to his person’s attention and affection.  I may see that he’s “mirroring” to his person her own inability to give and receive love.

I may see a very social, loving, popular dog, showing his shy person what happens when you stop worrying and just extend yourself kindly to the world.

A cord at the fifth?   A very vocal cat has an agreement with a 3-year-old who struggles with speech.  The cat is working very hard to communicate the child’s thoughts to the family, as best she can.

The second?  Recently I read a cat who wanted his person to know her life would change  if she would let herself feel her feelings.  Or in other words, she was too mental!

Sometimes, something interrupts the pet’s relationship with his person, and he or she is unable to complete the agreement.

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