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If we were going to adopt this cat I wanted to see her.  Maybe we could sort of pour her out, I thought.  I picked up the back of the bed and lifted it slowly.  The distraught cat turned toward the back and as I lifted, she clawed her way to the top of the up-ended egg, as far from the opening as she could get.  She hung there.  I sighed and lowered her back down.  She tightened into a ball and hid her face.

I turned to my child.  I wasn’t exactly excited but I did feel a surge of determination.  “We asked for a sign and she was in Skittles’ cage .  .  .  ” I began.

“It’s true!” the Child chirped at me, cheerfully.  Kids are so great.  They don’t get hung up on other people’s stuff.

“She comes with her own toy!” I said.  “Aw!” my Child responded.  She was happy.

“Her mom said she’s good company,” I ruminated, drumming my fingers on my chin thoughtfully.  “Skittles was good company!!” she cried.  I looked at the cat, smushed into the back of the egg, all dilated and whatnot.  Yeah, it was grim.  No other way to describe it.

I leaned down and looked into the egg.  “Listen, cat,” I began.  “You didn’t do anything wrong but your people had to give you up and that’s why you’re here.  We asked our friend Skittles to send us a great cat and it looks like you’re it.”  The cat stared.  I went on, “We would like to be your family and take you home and love you for the rest of your life, so give it some thought.”

Then I told her she could let go of any agreements she had with her old family to help her feel lighter.

I stood up.  A doubt slipped in so I batted it away, turned to the Child and said, “Let’s go home and tell Dad.”

That evening my husband and daughter returned to the Humane Society.  My husband reported the cat mostly hid, but later I learned she poked her head out of the egg for a few seconds.   He shook his head.  He told me the whole scene didn’t look too good, but he trusted me completely and he would defer to my decision.

Me?  I was ecstatic.  “She poked her head out of the egg?!!  For whole entire seconds?!!  She wants to be our kitteeee!!!!!



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