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Photo courtesy of the lovely D. Sharon Pruitt

Lots of ups and downs since our new, certified pre-owned kitty went to her reward on January 20th.  It was a hard passing.  Unexpected, unfair, unhappy.  Unbelievable.  Skittles came to our house and thoroughly mothered all three of us for 16 days, even though she didn’t feel good.  Then she was gone.

Yesterday I went for a hike.  Trudging up the hill, I asked Skittles to give me a sign that she’s okay and she knows how much we loved her.  I knew I’d get something so I put it out of my mind.

In the meantime I started looking for heart-shaped rocks.  My friend collects them so it’s a habit.   They’re everywhere, by the way.  Try it–it’s comical.   At first it’s fun but eventually you’re waving them away like mosquitoes.  Stop with the hearts, you cry.  It’s too much!

I saw a few but they didn’t inspire.  My mind drifted.  I forgot about the hearts.

An hour elapsed and  I stopped on the trail to have a drink.  I looked down and there was a dark gray rock in the shape of a big, rounded heart.  Huh, I thought.  Skittles had dark gray.  She was a calico with three distinct colors, evenly distributed.  Was this my sign?  I stared dreamily at the rock.  Well, the rock was sweet.  A little bland but it was something, right?

Then I noticed a second heart-shaped rock, about two inches away.  White.  Hey–Skittles had white!  Again, sweet but you know what they say about heart-shaped rocks:  can’t throw a–never mind.

I noticed another one.  Was that a third heart-shaped rock?  Okay, focus.  I studied the thing.  Well, maybe not.  This rock was only a heart if you really needed it to be.  Two separate “peaks” on top but they were little triangles, really, and the bottom was rounded off so the whole effect was .  .  .  not quite heartish but .  .  .

Oh, OH!!  I got it, all in a rush.  The rock was a butterscotch color Skittles had butterscotch! and the rock, wow–the rock was perfectly shaped in the head of a cat.



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