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She told me about her rabbit.  “I let him out of his cage while I work,” she said.  “He’s really friendly.  He sits on my lap sometimes and wanders around my desk.  But it’s weird, he knows what time it is.  Everyday at 2:00 he starts avoiding me.”   What happens at 2:00, I wanted to know.

“Oh,” she said, “I get ready to go home.”  She works at a school; school’s out at 2:30.

The rabbit spends his off hours in a cage except on the weekends, when he goes home with a school family.   I saw him in my head.  He’s an active, confident, hands-on rabbit.  He doesn’t like the off hours because he wants to work all the time!   But he soldiers through the down times and gets his rest, so he can be fresh and ready for the kids in the morning.

A sensible rabbit.



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