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Speaking of the gifts our pets bring us, there’s a popular genre out there but it’s very specific.   It’s called “Animals as Healers” and the mascot is a dog with a halo, gazing into the setting sun.  Precious for sure, but it so misrepresents the hard work our pets do every day, to help us grow.

I did some free readings at a party last year.  A woman came in with a picture of a giant schnauzer, Sid.  You could see she thought he was the greatest but he exasperated her and she wondered what he was up to.

Sid was maybe 3 or 4.  She didn’t give me any other information but I could see a kind of open, curious dog whose mind was unencumbered by reason.  In other words he was inspired daily, to pull off some stuff that didn’t make sense.  I saw there were messes to clean up and things to put back in their place and I saw the joy Sid derived from his accomplishments.  I looked at him.  There was crap in his beard and at his feet I saw a pile of .  .  .  huh.  What was that?

“Is he kind of crazy?” I asked her.  “Not naughty, but more .  .  .  creative?”  I drew the last word out and braced to be wrong.  She started to laugh.

“He’s totally creative,” she told me.  “He makes these big messes but it’s not exactly a mess for the sake of a mess.  He’s doing something but I can’t figure out what.”

I looked at him some more.  He was smiling.   He showed me you could do all sorts of cool things if you just gave yourself permission and went for it.  I told her this.

Then it began to get clearer.  He looked over his shoulder at her, like, c’mon along! “Okay,” I said, “it also looks like he’s teaching you to drop your inhibitions and try some stuff.  It looks messy, but it’s really experimental.”

I paused for a moment and watched Sid tear something up.  “What’s he’s doing,” I said, “some of it’s kinda .  .  .  ill-advised.”  We both cracked up.  “But he’s like a child with a great imagination!  Eventually he’ll calm down and give you a break,” I said.  “But I really think he’s in your life to show you how to come out of your shell and be more creative!”

She suddenly got still, in that way that says you just figured something out.  Then she got weepy.

I love those moments when you hit it out of the park.  Everybody gets it, and a client’s relationship with her dog transforms.




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