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Allie was a kitty, a senior weighing in at about 6 pounds and 17 years.   One look at her photo and I was in her thrall.   She stood on her hind legs, front paws on the arm of a wrought-iron chair.  Eyes wide open as if chronically surprised, maw agape in a colossal and enduring shriek.  Her open mouth was a perfect, pink triangle.

“HE’S JUST A DOG!” she howled at me from the chair.   Together they shared a house, two humans, a basement and a porch.  “He” was Preston, a laid-back, biggish Labrador and to his credit her opinion was of no consequence.  Still, persistent she was, and not lacking in editorial content.

TELL THEM, HE’S JUST A DOG!!!!”   It wasn’t that she didn’t like him, she did.  Soon I would understand she simply feared her own insignificance.

Allie and Preston lived with lovely people and get this:  each workday morning one of them would pick up the cat and kiss her good-bye.  Then, she’d be presented to the other human for a second farewell salute.  Finally Allie would be offered to Preston, and reportedly they’d knock heads.   Because the humans recognized the cat’s need, they’d thought to assign Allie the care of the dog under limited conditions in their absence.

Now let’s say you’re immune to charm.  But wouldn’t you still say that cat was loved and respected and probably had everything she needed?   Maybe more?

In a psychic reading I get chunks of impressions really quickly, and I saw she’d had at least one lifetime of being small and invisible in a crowd, a spirit who’d struggled at length to be noticed or fed or loved.   And just like humans do, she was caught in an endless loop of trying to resolve the issue in the best way she knew how.   It wasn’t particularly effective and it must have been exhausting, but her spirit was big, and she refused to give up.

Toward the end of our conversation, her people wanted to know how Preston was holding up under the persistent, noisy assault to his character.   His reply was quick, calm and affectionate.

“She needs us,”  he told me.  “She helped me in another life and now I’m helping her.”

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