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How’s your summer so far?

All around, one sees change.  Change in relationships, jobs, living spaces, health .  .  .  it goes on and on.  As an animal communicator I’m seeing a surge in emotional, behavioral and health issues, but that’s another post.

We were talking about the economic downturn, about the related role the planets might have played, and continue to play.

“Well why not astrology?” said my practical, black-and-white friend.  “No one else seems to know what’s going on.”

So what’s all the fuss about?

I was  able to make more sense of it when I happened across a great astrology blog last year.

Starting last fall began an unusual series of planetary transits.  Transits of the magnitude we have not seen, variously, since the birth of Christ, in 10,000 years, perhaps ever–it depends on your source but astrologers agree, this is enormous.

Center stage is a Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs.  It’s an ongoing event with four planets in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, opposing each other in a t-square.  The oppositions create tension similar to two tectonic plates pushing against each other and the end result is, something’s gotta give.  Because the planets are in the action-oriented Cardinal signs, the result is a lot of obvious change.

But it’s not just the Cardinal Grand Cross.  During the summer as many as 7 planets are working at cross purposes to one another.  Sometimes eclipses join the Cross for an extra punch.

The energies are forceful; things need to change and change they will.     I like to think of the summer of 2010 in this way:  we are being called to be the highest versions of ourselves that we can be, both personally and collectively.

A special spotlight is on relationships of all types, and Saturn insists they now become fair, equal and harmonious.  The catch in all of this?  We don’t have a choice.

According to astrologer Elsa Panizzon the energies are neutral: it’s what you do with them.   Folks with planets in early degrees of the Cardinal signs will feel the tension the most this summer.  Those not directly affected will be living and working with those who are.  Really, we’re all in the same boat.

Intense, to be sure.  The palliative depends on how able you are to trust, and go with the flow.

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