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Once again, I’m taking a break from the topic of animal communication to discuss the astrology of 2010.

The theme is tension, tension, tension.  Tension with the goal of transformation; but there’s a catch and the catch is, we don’t have a choice.  I often think we’ve had opportunity after opportunity to change as a species and we haven’t, and now we’re being changed.  Ready or not.

I ordered my coffee and moved along the counter to wait for the barista.  There was no one else around and I asked her, “how’s your day?”

She looked up from her work.  She was my age, one eye badly bloodshot and the look of someone who probably wasn’t just loving her job, but the people are nice there and she studied me for a moment.

“Not too bad,” she said in that sing-songy way meant to convey cheer.  “How about you?”  She put her head down and pulled at one of those long handles.

“Pretty good!” I sing-songed back at her.  There was a pause.  Then we both spoke at once–

“Could be worse!”

Immediately we cracked up and I blurted out, “I’ve been saying that a LOT lately!”

She fixed me with a hard, confidential stare and her voice dropped almost to a whisper.  “Everyone I talk to has something going on!!”

Well, we got into it and next thing I knew she was crying.   The story emerged that her husband is disabled and they’ve lost their house and I just shook my head.

“Listen,” I told her.   “This is a huge thing and it’s not just you.  We’re being asked as people to be the highest versions of ourselves and we don’t have a choice.  But really, they say it’s just energy and it’s what you do with it,” I told her.  “Try not to fight it or it’ll be a lot worse.  Try to go with it.”

I reached for her hand.  “You’re gonna be okay,” I told her.  “Get in touch with something greater than yourself, ask for help.”  She nodded.

She gave me my coffee and wiped her eyes.  “I hope you have an okay afternoon,” I told her.

“I will now,” she said.  She smiled.  “It’s just energy.”

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