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I made you who you are today

We have two 15-year-old cats.  Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.   I’d have more money, my house would be cleaner and I wouldn’t know the right words to say when you bury a sparrow.

While standing on the neighbor’s lawn, I wouldn’t know how badly I was missed if Maggie weren’t on our front lawn yelling:  “I see you! You’re not at our house but I see you!!!!  I will now cross the street without looking and see you some more!!!”

I wouldn’t know a hairball smells like that.

I’d never know the discipline of waking before dawn with adjustments for Daylight Savings.  I wouldn’t know it’s best to be sick on something pretty, or how to climb a rotting 6-foot fence in a skirt.  I wouldn’t know that if you throw up your entire meal that color will never come out of the carpet, even though they wrote all those encouraging things on the bottle.

Some people don’t know what it’s like to come across a live snake in their  kitchen, but I do.   I know that Maggie can appreciate an outing in the car, sit politely through acupuncture then enjoy the ride home.  I’ve learned that the sight of an uncooked, 14-pound turkey will shock a cat into silence, or that it’s possible for Chester to share the porch with a skunk without getting sprayed.

Thanks to Maggie and Chet I’ve figured out how to work at the kitchen table without getting cat hair stuck to my lips.

There’s a bunch of stuff I didn’t know before, and I’m sure I’m a better person.

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