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The farmhouse had a rectangular window looking out onto a large backyard.   She glanced out, did a double-take then stared:

At a lion.  An enormous lion; the ones at the zoo could look disappointingly small but this one–whoa.   The lion was tall and there was a woman at his side, some sort of Amazon she was; they were remarkable in every way and it was unfolding on the grass  in the Midwest where things happened quietly and in a sensible way.  The woman must have been 6 or 7  feet tall but the lion too was impossibly large so none of it made sense.

Bottom line, the two of them were spectacular.  Radiant.  Powerful.

They were approaching the farmhouse at a very modest rate, one could say they were strolling but it had purpose in it and the dreamer thought oh, shoot, they’re coming for me.  They were in no hurry but you could see from the way they were moving it was just a matter of time.

It was their only goal.  They had all the time in the world.

The dreamer bolted.   Didn’t really think, just charged out the front door of the big white house in the country, running willy-nilly as far as she could before she ran out of gas.  But as she slowed and finally came to a stop she knew, in the way you just know things in dreams, that sooner or later she would have to face the woman and the lion.

It also occurred to her they weren’t a threat; she was meant to meet them and if it took the rest of her life they would keep coming for her in their purposeful way.

The urge to run receded.  Might as well face it, she thought.  Can’t run forever.

Now she was below the farmhouse; it sat at the top of a steep hill.  The way back was up a series of stone steps, but they were narrow and steep and covered with a tangle of vines and foliage and the trip up was sure to be arduous, even  dangerous.  She could easily lose her balance and fall backward.

She started up, but it was impossible.  Then suddenly the dreamer knew that if she kept skirting the bottom of the hill she would come to a different path so off she went.

And there it was:  a short, flat stroll, clean and easy.  The lion and the woman were her destiny and in that moment she had a choice.  She could meet them the hard way, fraught with danger and potentially impossible.  Or she could do it the easy way.

She would take the easy path.  She saw herself meeting them.  She understood they were parts of her she’d been afraid to claim and so she started up the path.

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